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Welcome to the Marquette TaeKwon-Do School

Director, Charles (Chuck) Giotto, 4th Dan

The Marquette TaeKwon-Do School was established in fall of 1971 and is one of the oldest schools in the state of Michigan. We have a long tradition of excellent instructors and a strong foundation for future years. Classes are held at 1500 West Washington St., Suite 18, Marquette, MI, behind the Northern Michigan Bank, just west of Office Max.

Martial Arts is not just for the young.

It is never too late to start learning, no matter how old you are or your physical limitations.


Respect to instructors and
other students is essential.

We do encourage family
participation, but please keep
in mind that this is not a
babysitting service.


History of Marquette TaeKwon-Do School Directors

All of the below-mentioned school personnel are USTF members and instructors.


Bruce Remington, Founder

September 1971

April 1972

8 months

Dan Oja May 1972

May 1993

21 years

Lloyd Luedeman June 1993

June 1997

4 years

John Schulz July 1997

April 2000

2 years 10 months

Doug LaBar May 2000

October 2001

1 1/2 years

John Schulz November 2001

December 2001

2 months

Rick Meyers/Chuck Giotto January 2002

December 2002

1 year

Chuck Giotto January 2003



Bruce Remington, founder of the school, returned in the fall of 1972 to help but was sent to Iron Mountain to student teach as part of his NMU schooling.

Dan Oja V Dan was the Michigan State Director. He was the Region 5 Director prior to Master Weiss and Mr. Van Hecke. He is still an active part of Marquette TaeKwon-Do.

John Schulz III Dan was a Michigan Co-Director.

Rick Meyers and Chuck Giotto were Co-Directors in 2002.

Chuck Giotto IV Dan has been a member of the school since spring of 1993 and is presently the Michigan Co-Director.


This school is affiliated with the United States TaeKwon-Do Federation (link below)

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